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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Legal Profession- Why don't they get a proper job?

Sharon Shoesmith the woman dismissed in the aftermath of the baby P case in Haringey has been told that the Council cannot appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that they must pay her compensation thought to be in the order of a million pounds. It seems that the ruling was made on a technicality; that the council hadn't followed correct procedures in dismissing the woman after an intervention by Ed Balls. It's a pity that correct procedures weren't followed in the departments she was handsomely paid to run, but to the arrogant and greedy legal profession that small technicality mustn't come beteween them and the massive fees extracted from the taxpayer pockets by way of legal aid.

Somebody in Government needs to seriously examine the money earned by the parasitic leeches in the legal profession, a profession I remind you that neither makes or creates anything but lives on other peoples income, normally by simply finding loopholes in legislation, whether it's in the public interest or not. This time it's the poor rate payers of Haringey that are filling their coffers.

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