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Thursday 11 August 2011

Summer of Discontent 2

I believe that in many City centres we've seen the outward signs of Britain's underclass. A class of people with no discipline, poor education and no perception of what is needed to exist in a civilised world. It may be that they don't even recognise the difference between right and wrong.
I am sure that an underclass exists in many societies and cultures but I hazard a guess that not in many is the situation deteriorating, as it is in the UK.
In a so called civilised society, it is right that Government with the consent of the majority provides for these people. Water, food and shelter are provided, as is defence. In addition the secondary requirements of education and health service are free.
The trouble is, in this internet world of ipods, blackberry's etc, the youth of today doesn't have needs, it is not enough, they have 'wants' and they expect the rest to provide them for nothing as well as the above. You can almost hear them chanting:

What do we want?
Material things.
When do want them?

I understand that many youngsters and gang members have these very expensive goods, in some cases very expensive Mercedes cars, because they trade in drugs and this causes others to aspire to this level of 'cool'. However, this is an excuse and what we have witnessed should be seen for what it is; gratuitous criminality. I believe it is time to revert to more robust policing. Stop and search should be extended to stopping young men driving very expensive cars and asking for proof of payment. Zero tolerance was once a buzz word for the sort of policing introduced with some effect in the US. Human Rights lawyers put their oar in claiming infringement of basic rights and citing harassment as a tool of the oppressors. This Human Rights legislation given teeth by the last Socialist Government needs to be repealed and quickly. Most of the rioters have spent all or most of their lives under a Socialist Government, which has tried to obliterate the British culture (pursuit of 'muticulturism'), history (non teaching of British past triumphs in history) and tradition (Banning of hunting. Prohibition of sports that give rise to losers.) to satisfy their discredited ideology of flawed values. Every opportunity should be taken to take these people to task for their failures as Michael Goves recently did to Harriet Harman, the arch priestess of New Labour folly. Will the Socialists never learn that we are all different with varying hopes and aspirations and stop trying to drag the nation down to a status of mediocrity instead of celebrating and promoting elitism. The term 'we are all in this together' could be their rallying call as they, in their ivory towers, insist that all people are the same, like the Soviet masters told the Russian masses from their holiday homes, their dachas, on the Black Sea rivieras.

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