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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Summer of Discontent

The rioting of mainly youths in London has spread to lawlessness in Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham.

They original riots seem to have been triggered by the shooting of a man 'known' to the police in Tottenham but the contagion clearly owes more to simple criminality by an underclass of undisciplined, feral young men. They have no education, no sense of responsibility and no hope. This, however, should not be used as an excuse for criminal behaviour.

That they have no education is because of the flawed practices of schools that pay more heed to Human Rights than they do to preparing youngsters for the real world. Carol Vorderman, former Countdown presenter, and presenter of a report on the standard of mathematic's teaching has shown a very high proportion of those leaving school have no idea of percentages or fractions. Youngsters are leaving school with either meaningless qualifications or non at all. More important, because of the Human Right acts, they have no sense of discipline from both the school or the home. Bring back corporal punishment in schools. Shame those who disrupt school and those parents that interfere with proper discipline. If the parents won't do it, teach children responsibility.

Why don't the police use water cannon to disperse the crowds? The Home Secretary replies on TV this morning, that in the UK we prefer consensual policing with the support of local communities.
Consensual policing is not likely to impress those who have lost their businesses, their homes and their livelihoods. In any case, it's used elsewhere including Northern Ireland, so her argument is flawed.

Those caught will be brought before the courts and punished, said Theresa May, the Home Secretary.
650 arrests, already. More lovely legal aid for the legal profession who must be rubbing their hands with glee. More easy public money for defending the undefendable. What's more it's most unlikely that their offices will be torched.
With the prisons full, those brought before the courts will most likely be let off with a slap on the wrist and released to re-offend. Bring back the stocks and the birch. Shame and ridicule these people and their families. Get rid of the pernicious Human Right legislation that prevents real justice being exacted. It is not uncivilised to defend the innocent and give succour to victims; it is common sense. The world cannot support the current population. Cast out those who choose to disrupt the lives of their fellow citizens so that the innocent might flourish. I'm fed up to the back teeth of those apologists for the criminally inclined- those who never give up on trying to rehabilitate the unworthy. Remember, the criminals too have free will. They can say 'NO' to lawbreaking but choose not to.

Because of the Human Rights and related legislation, Police fear the risk of criminal conviction more than they do physical harm to themselves. They are therefore constrained in what they can do in the face of the taunting of youths who know they can act with impunity. Repeal these acts so that the police can defend themselves and clear the streets of the vermin.

The effects of these troubles is felt in other ways. Tourism to the capital will be affected; sad news in the current economic climate. Local economies will be dealt a blow from which they may not recover.
Will victims receive compensation? Insurance companies will be perusing the small print of policies hoping to find ways of avoiding their responsibilities. Other businesses will be uninsured because of the high premiums charged. As businesses fold, staff will be made redundant, many too old to find other jobs. The point is that the arrested youths will be charged with arson or burglary without any thought to the wider implications of their actions. They will also have been responsible for changing people's lives for the worse; making people homeless and jobless. Who will pick up the tab for these injustices? The taxpayers, that's who and do you imagine that they will receive recognition for their benevolence? Not one bit because the politicians who should act in the interest of the vast majority of law abiding population are more interested in appeasing minorities and the Human Rights brigade.

What to do.
Put Carol Vorderman and Katharine Birbalsingh in charge of education under the coalition's best minister, Mr Goves.

Order magistrates and judges to put victims first.

Immediately repeal the Human Rights acts and introduce shaming punishments such as the stocks and public birchings for antisocial behaviour.

Slash legal aid and repeal the laws that allow the prosecution of public bodies such as the NHS and the police.

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