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Monday 14 November 2011

Gaddafi's Legacy

A correspondent in the Euro Weekly News, a free newspaper in the South East of Spain, writes of the following benefits available to the people of Libya under the late Colonel Gaddafi.

Electricity, education and medical care.  Free
Banks are state owned and give 0% interest loans.
Prospective farmers receive land, a house, eqipment, seeds.  Free.
Newlyweds are given €35000 to buy their first apartment and on the birth of their first child, the mother receives €3600.
A portion of all Libyan oil sales is given to every citizen.
Cars are 50% subsidised by the state and petrol is 11 centimos per litre.
Graduates unable to find work after graduation are paid an average wage.
When Gaddafi came to power, 25% of the population were literate. Now the figure is 83%.

Libya has no debt and enormous reserves of money held in banks all over the world.

Now you might imagine that with all these benefits, the majority of Libyan people would have been happy under a despotic ruler who without question, had Libya's best interests at heart. Libya, as in many of the Arab countries, is very tribal and there will have been some dissension amongst those from a different tribe to Gaddafi or those who saw no opportunity for advancement under his nepotistic rule. The question is this; to protect a rule that has given the country forty years of some stability, can you blame Gaddafi for coming down heavily, like Assad in Syria, on those who want to spread chaos and unrest; the plotters and dissidents? The so called 'Arab Spring' would have seemed the perfect opportunity for these people to voice their opposition and appeal to the compliant West to lend their support. But now that Gaddafi and his family have gone, will the Libyan people benefit or are their problems under 'Democratic' and possibly Sharia rule only just beginning?

I only ask because Democracy as a way of Government has had its day. You don't believe it? Look at how the democratic will of the Greeks and Italians has been overwhelmed by the bank driven financial markets and the might of the German Fourth Reich. In the UK, the People's will over such things as Capital Punishment are sidelined and election promises for referendum on Europe conveniently dropped. The populace is further dismayed because politicians of every hue, shackled by such as the 'Human Rights' act, cannot or will not tackle the issues of immigration and law and order in a manner that brooks no opposition.
The UK needs another leader in the mould of Margaret Thatcher who puts the interests of her country FIRST. Those who have a different agenda should be hounded out of the country.

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