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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Translations of scripture

The blogger, Cranmer, has, in an erudite article, written disparagingly of a new Wycliffe translation of the Bible which he claims downgrades the role of Jesus in deference to Muslim sensibilities.

His report for 7th Feb 2012 can be seen at:

The translation of scripture has always been a problem, especially where the original is not available and the translator is working from a text, not in the language of the original. Sometimes, it is thought that translation is impossible because of the idiomatic nuances of the original as in the case of the Qu'ran, where many insist that the true word of God can only be appreciated in the poetic beauty of sixth and seventh century Arabic as understood by the 'Messenger'.

It has always amazed me that translations are needed at all. Why is it that these so called works of God were not simultaneously made available to all the peoples of the world in their own language? We are told that God, Allah or Yahweh has dominion over the universe, having created the heavens and earth before turning his hand to man and the other creatures. Why then does he choose to pass on his confusing messages solely to people who reside in the Middle East? Why were these revelations not shown simultaneously to, for instance, the northern Europeans, the Ennuits or peoples of South America in their own languages so that the entire World would know of His Works? Could it be because there is no such thing as a God? Isn't it the truth that the whole Judaeo-Christian-Muslim tradition was created by and for the priest classes using the words of the time to subjugate the people and they are still at it?

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fervour with which the adherents attach to the texts, giving them authority to impose their deluded ideology on others, regardless of alternative, more realistic approaches to life. A Muslim believes that the Qu'ran is the Word of God and cannot be disputed or changed. A Muslim may not, therefore, ask the questions, but I can. Why then, after fifteen hundred years do Muslims not know whether it is better or more correct to be either Shia or Sunni. Why did Allah, not send the Angel Gabriel to enlighten Abu Bakr or Uthman about the role of Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad? The Qu'ran strangely makes no prediction of this anomoly, just as it stuck in the culture of seventh century Arabia with little relevance to life today, except to create unrest and war causing millions of deaths worldwide as evident today in Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

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