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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Ordure! Ordure! 5

Mr. Speaker:     Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband:     Thank you Mr. Speaker. Would the Prime Minister agree that Moody's assessment of the UK economy suggests that his strategy just isn't working.

Prime Minister:  What isn't working, Mister Speaker, is the Party opposite who cannot accept that they are responsible for the position the Country finds itself in! Do they, I wonder, tell their constituents that it was THEIR policies that failed the citizens, causing so much misery? I doubt it! Do they tell their constituents that it was THEIR manic spending, euphemistically called 'investment', that led to our current woes? I doubt it! All we get from the Party opposite Mister Speaker, are weak policies from an even weaker leader!

Ed Miliband:    He just doesn't get it, Mister Speaker. Can't he see that his policies are going too far, too quickly? Now the OECD says that although there is some positive signs from Europe, thanks to the improvement in the US economy, the UK is languishing with, and I quote, 'below trend growth'. Will the Chancellor now change his strategy and go for growth.

PM:     What hypocrisy from the Party opposite! They complain of stagnation; yet the CBI today report that the UK will avoid a double-dip recession despite the mess the Party opposite caused.

Mr. Speaker:   Ordure! Ordure!

PM:  Isn't it the truth, Mister Speaker, that until the Party opposite recognises that they got us into this mess and apologised to the people, they can have no hope of joining the debate on how to get us out. They have lost all credibility.

Mr. Speaker:     Ordure, ordure. The house must calm down. I want to hear the Prime Minister's answer.

Prime Minister:  And you can shut up you fatuous old windbag.

Mr. Speaker:   Ordure! Ordure! My wife says I'm not old.

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