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Tuesday 21 February 2012

I believe in miracles

On a BBC programme, 'The Big Question', one of the participants, a journalist, Christina Odone, who argued that Britain was a Christian country asserted that she believed in the 'Virgin Birth' and, 'Oh yes...she believed in miracles'.

It had me thinking. How can one have a rational debate with a person who believes in miracles? As Prof. Dawkins found it it is impossible, it is clear why he must be frustrated that despite all the advances of science, people still cling to their faith, a belief in something that cannot be empiracally proved. Dawkins is particularly upset that 'Creationism' is being taken seriously in some educational circles, presumably happy that people can believe that the earth is only six thousand years old if they want to but to teach this as the truth to children is an outrage.
I share his frustration, but can offer no advice of how to overcome peoples reliance on the verity of the ineffable qualities such as 'love'.

Some time ago, scientists claimed that they had identified a gene in those people predisposed to follow some religious faith. Perhaps this is what it boils down to; it is impossible to persuade someone with this gene that their belief is baseless. No rational arguments can make a difference. It is another example of my 'Theory of Two' ( where I assert that the natural default position for nature is to provide a minimum of two options in almost everything.

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