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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Unearned income

You cannot fail to see on television adverts the concerted efforts of the financial sector to screw the ordinary man and woman on the street. They are targeting the most vulnerable with their offers of 'payday' loans and promises to recover money needlessly wasted on insurance cover for bank loans.

These are two examples of businesses that trade in money rather than commodities or services that are more meaningful or useful in the community.
The people who own these businesses are happy NOT to do proper work to attract wealth. They are typical of those who relish unearned income, doing work where they do not have to get their hands dirty. I have often said that in the light of the banking crisis, there has to be a better way. We could make a start by asking why people do work? Surely the best answer is 'to make a living' but this wouldn't satisfy a Bank when seeking a loan. The answer a Bank wants to hear is: 'to make money; lots of it!'. And this, to my mind, is the problem. To make more UNEARNED money than you really need is GREED. It is surely not the aim of Capitalism for a few people to attract more and more money without working, thereby restricting the majority to struggle to make a living.

If you work, like Mr. Branson, to build a good business, employing many people, offering services, then it is good that you earn a fortune. So too for top artists and authors that entertain billions of people with their skill and artistry. They deserve it all. It is time for the Government to support industry and manufacturing and hammer, like Jesus in the temple, the money traders and userers.

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