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Friday 24 August 2012

Asil Nadir

If you want to see how stupid the British legal system, how it is not fit for purpose, look at the judgement against Asil Nadir. Here is a man who voluntarily returned to the UK from his safe haven in Northern Cyprus to answer fraud charges. I am not going to argue about his guilt in this but I am concerned with the judge's sentencing. Although he returned of his own volition when he could still be comfortable in his island retreat, he is now to be imprisoned for ten years despite the fact that he is NOT a threat to the public and as far as I know has no history of violence. Despite this he must now be maintained in prison for years at the public expense. The public's misery is not caused by Nadir but the bloody legal system that distorts values and insists on locking up the harmless convicted whilst routinely letting off thugs and other anti-social misfits who are a constant menace and threat to good order in society. Nadir sentence should not have been custodial in the first place but failing that suspended, whilst a fine befitting the crime exacted.
It's not only the British system that stinks, that in Norway also needs to be toughened up. How can it be right that the mass murderer receives a sentence of 21 years in a three cell prison suite following his slaughter of 77 youngsters, injuring countless others and ruining the lives of countless more? The Norwegian authorities have fallen over backwards to excuse him by testing his sanity but even though he helped the judiciary by pleading guilty, took ages, no doubt at great expense, before coming to a decision that he was guilty as charged.

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