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Wednesday 22 August 2012

State of the Nation

Scottish and Southern energy are going to raise the price of energy in the autumn. The railways are going to increase the price of rail travel by more than the rate of inflation. These are just two examples of how private companies are taking advantage of their quasi monoply positions to screw the public to maintain the company share price and therefore their value for shareholders.
These are just two symptoms in what is the current British malaise.
Does the british government really expect that the ordinary man in the street can keep on paying all these increases? At what point do they think the electorate will say: 'No more' and take to the streets? The point is that although we believe in a capitalist society, there are some businesses that are too important to be owned by anybody but the taxpayer. Water is another. These companies should be nationalised and run at maximum efficiency for the only people who matter; the population of the UK. If there are to be shareholders it should come from National Insurance contributions from the future pensioners of the country. Their contributions must be not be diluted by being routed through financial people who exact their usurous fees at every turn regardless of the state of the economy.
The increase in VAT has led to a rise in the number of unregistered transactions. Bartering and cash deals are becoming the norm as people try and make ends meet resulting in even less revenue for the treasury. SERVE THEM RIGHT. To my mind they ought to cut fuel duty immediately and introduce VAT at 5% on food. The one will encourage trade and the second will ensure that everybody will pay tax, regardless of what else they fiddle. The Government should stop International aid as it stands. It is a waste of hard pressed taxpayer's money. If Cameron is so devoted to this policy let him put it in his next manifesto and see where it gets him!

The next thing the Government should do is stop the so called Civil Service Mandarins from running the country. If the country wants the re-introduction of the death penalty for some offences, it should happen even if it upsets some old boy's sensitivities. The Human Rights acts should be revoked and people told to be responsible for their and their children's actions. ZERO TOLERANCE of bad behaviour. Remember the majority of people like to live and work within a framework that can best described as Christian but this, I must add, is not the sole proponent of  good social values.
Gove should be allowed to continue his education revolution to introduce values last seen in the fifties before the Guardian reading lefties took control of Whitehall and the Dept of Education. Bring back the cane and use liberally-on the parents too if they interfere.
Ken Clarke should be replaced at the Dept of Justice. He stands for the staus quo and the legal profession who we know are milking the taxpayers dry, favouring the guilty and ignoring the victims of crime and the innocent. Put me in charge and I will reduce costs by half. Criminals will pay and victims will receive all the taxpayer's support. Why cannot ministers see this? They probably can but the Civil Service mandarins know better. They know so much better that they now want to be able to advise opposition parties on policy before a general election. In other words, regardless of a parties' manifesto, the mandarins will tell them what is posible and presumably what isn't. As I understand it, the last Labour Government, in an attempt to negate this 'advice', installed their own men into senior advisory positions. Whatever, it doesn't seem to me that the people of the UK are being properly served by people who have their own corners to fight.

I am beginning to believe that the only answer is for the people of the UK to take to the streets in peaceful protest. The politicians are NOT listening. Industry and the financial institutions are polarising trade and cornering all the money, leaving people and countries stranded. The churches with the exception of Islam have lost the plot. Christians quite rightly no longer believe in the old stories and the church cannot find its new role as the keepers of mankind's soul, their creative and imaginative capacity. Islam works because they take no prisoners in their prosecution of their misguided ideology, frightening the poor and vulnerable into adopting their rigid rules. You can fool some of the people for some of the time.....

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