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Sunday 19 August 2012

Brady and the death penalty

The mother of one of Ian Brady's victims, Keith Bennet, has tragically died before realizing her lifetime ambition to find the grave of her son. As has been widely pointed out she is another of Brady's victims. As usual British justice favours the criminal over the innocent!
Brady has previously disclosed the whereabouts of the remains of his other four victims; so why not that of young Keith? I wonder if this scheming and evil man had calculated that by disclosure he would forfeit his one great bargaining tool in the event of the introduction of retrospective capital punishment. He would surely have been on the list as one of the first to face the gallows but possibly spared if he had vital information on the deceased!

Keith Bennet's mother has said she would have welcomed the opportunity to stab Brady. Who can blame her but British Law does not allow her the satisfaction of natural justice despite the majority of the public being in favour of the death penalty for SOME crimes. This is the sort of Democracy we live in!

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