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Thursday 16 August 2012

Cost of Justice?

When a crime is committed there are normally thought of as two parties; the perpetrator and the victim. These days there is a third; the taxpayer. It is the middle of August. A man recently charged with murder has been remanded in custody. he has made one court appearance to confirm his name and address. he was remanded to appear in November when it is thought he will make a plea. His trial has been tentativily fixed for the end of January. Why does it take so long when it costs the taxpayer £400 per day to keep this man in prison? If he's innocent let him free. Why not let him plead now? If he pleads guilty it will save months of delay and public expense. Nobody can mind justice but surely not at any price. The people in charge of the Justice department must act soon because left unchecked the legal profession will protract the case and every other case at the expense of the public purse. Recently in China a murder defendent was swiftly brought before the court, pleaded guilty and the whole shooting match was concluded in a day. (The sentence was delayed but we must assume there is a political dimension to this particular case.)

Next we must ask why it costs £400 per day to lock up a prisoner? First strip all wrongdoers of their human rights and everything else follows. Everyone is in solitary with NO comingling with other prisoners. All food provided by the prisoner's family, delivered each day befor lunch. If family does not provide food, the state will provide basic staples, the cost will be taken from prisoner's assets. One half hour per day of exercise will be taken on a rota and consist of a secluded walk in court seperated by 'paddles' to maintain seperation. There will be no family visits and television in rooms will be restricted to educational programmes only.
Schoolchildren in problem areas will be routinely taken to the prisons to demonstrate what awaits disrupters and troublemakers who waste the golden chance of education.
Too tough! If you can't do the 'time' don't do the crime.

Message to Government:
Stop thinking about the guilty. Concentrate TOTALLY on the VICTIMS including the taxpayers.

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