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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Railways. An offer to the Prime Minister from me, Kevill Davies

So! Richard Branson's Virgin Trains have lost their franchise to run the important 'West Coast' line. They lost out to a Company called 'Firstgroup' who have apparently made an unrealistic offer to the Government to secure the thirteen year franchise, leading to questions of the bid's viability.
The Government has previously been found guilty of accepting unrealistic bids when GNER and National Express had to hand back the keys on the 'East Coast' line. Now they are going to take a gamble on change, lured by the promise of an extra £1bn for the treasury. I don't know about you but I smell an opportunity for corruption here. Call me a cynic but I don't believe that this is a decision based on the interests of the UK or its people.
This follows on from the news that the cost of rail travel is to rise by over six percent in the New Year. With most households reeling from the costs of energy, many will be wondering if they can even afford to get to work, let alone park and pay congestion charges. Whichever way they turn, the Government, who should be on the side of the electorate is screwing its own people. Nobody now for one minute thinks, 'we are all in this together'.
If they keep going as they are families will once again be forced to send their children out to work to make ends meet because with both parents working it will not be enough. What a legacy that'll be for Cameron and Osborne! Back to Victorian times because they couldn't run the Country in the people's interest.

It is time for a radical rethink. The Railway industry as we know it must be ended. I have said it before, here, and here, but we need to turn our road network into a fully automated pod transport system where private 'pods' automatically run at high speeds on tracks to preset destinations. We need to give the automobile industry a lead time of twenty years to introduce the scheme but to my mind it is the only answer to the long term problem. It will have other benefits because the technology could be sold all over the world. Drink driving and other car crimes would be eliminated at a stroke. Goods and commercial traffic would travel the same way but by superpods on the converted railway tracks, preserving some jobs for the railwaymen and women. The whole enterprise would be run by the people for the people employing men and women who wish to serve their Nation, not for huge salaries, not for unaffordable bonuses but for the pride in serving their fellow citizens. Capitalism has served its purpose. The world needs to move on to the next phase where skill and innovation are rewarded and making money by manipulating markets is a heinous offence.

David Cameron if you are serious about making a difference, call me as soon as you're back from holiday to see how I can make the difeerence you so badly want.

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