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Monday 15 October 2012

Corporate strategy. Size matters!

Recently the merger between BAE Systems and European defence conglomerate EADS has fallen through. Thankfully the UK government wanted too much say in the running of the new Company which would have reduced to two the number of mega defence companies in the world. Recently the mining giant Xstrata and Commodities company, Glencore wanted to merge creating another giant Company that would have created a virtual monopoly in some important minerals. The confectioners are at it as well! Why did the Cadbury shareholders sell their shares to the US company Kraft if it wasn't for greed? What is the idea behind these mega international Companies if it isn't for power and ultimate domination of their sector that cannot be in the interests of the ordinary man and woman in the street. Ultimately this is all about the Polarising of resources, power and money in the hands of very few to the detriment of billions of worthy people around the globe, caught out by this inexorable dash for money orchestrated by the banking bandmasters.
These big Companies have so much power they can operate in Countries, making their profits by exploiting the populace but refusing to pay the taxes the Country needs. Recently it has been revealed that the giant internet companies are raking in huge profits in the UK but paying minimal taxes because they can threaten to move elsewhere if made to cough up.
If Tesco wanted to merge with Waitrose or Sainsbury's it wouldn't be allowed but there seems to be no way to stop International deals. Some industries such as defence need to be controlled by the Government. Recent huge hikes in the price of energy demonstrates clearly why the populace need better protection from the machinations of the power companies. It is no good having people freezing to death so that other people's share holdings can be maintained. Power is too important to be bought and sold on a whim. The UK people need to own its power producers and if we have no natural resources it needs to be nuclear and it needs to be NOW before the lights start to go out.
I don't know how it can be regulated but Companies should be restricted in size. Some Companies are worth more than whole countries. You can't tell me this is a healthy state of affairs. But we need the big companies for big projects I hear you say. Sure, allow some local and temporary amalgamation for specific projects but once complete, insist on a seperation.
The subject is large, involving the spectre of Nationalisation and lack of competition but in this short piece I'm only saying that the time has come to reign in the huge Corporations that think they are sovereign.

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