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Friday 12 October 2012

The end of the Big Bang theory?

Last night the BBC Horizon programme looked at recent cosmological theories about the origin of our universe.
I was initially amazed and heartened that the consensus amongst the scientists was that because of cause and effect considerations, the Big Bang theory was flawed. I have for many years argued that the Big Bang was simply implausible. My joy was relatively short lived however when I discovered that new, alternative theories involving 'branes' and 'bouncing' universes were ugly. When we finally approach the ultimate truth about the origin of the universe the theory must be beautiful, both in concept and in the mathematics that describes it.
However, towards the end, we heard from the only female contributor, Dr. Laura Mersini Houghton and I found her ideas had some resonance with my own. She believes that there are many universes and their impact on our own can be observed in the Cosmic Background Radiation. For an outline to my New Cosmology click on the link below:-

I have furthermore commented on the multiverse reality,  here 

I cannot comment on her research into string theory; it is too complicated for me, but I suggest she looks at the beginning of the programme where Michio Kaku discussed the meaning of nothingness. He saw two types; absolute nothing and vacuum nothing which was full of energy or maybe he meant potential energy. He missed a trick here by ignoring the first type; Absoute nothing. In my theory everything comes from a consideration of this type of 'nothingness'. One way of looking at 'nothing' is to consider that, like almost everything else in life, it is a duality of equal quantities of a positive and negative entity. Nature abhors a zero as much as it hates a vacuum. Therefore absolute nothing = 0 = +x & -x. I propose we live in the +x part of our universe. At the point of creation, a quantum fluctuation caused a break in the eternal and infinite nothingness which led to our universe, one of an infinite number. The universe grew from a point to the size it is now by natural growth in an exothermic reaction and acquisition of and by other universes.

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