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Friday 12 October 2012

Rules of Engagement

The news that seven Royal Marines have been arrested on the suspicion of murder will dismay many British fighting men who are putting their lives at risk on behalf of our country. Who are these faceless oafs that, acting out of the strangely abstract concept of Political Correctness, ask our fighting men and women to do battle with at least one arm tied behind their backs? Who, for the sake of their consciences t are asking these highly and expensively trained troops, in front of an enemy that has no understanding of the Geneva Convention but instead uses Satanic practices, to behave not so much as fighting machines but as bloody saints?
The detention of the Marines will send a message to the other troops that the Ministry of Defence, despite the Prime Minister's rhetoric at the despatch box, is not wholly on the side of the British Troops but wavers on the tide of hostile sentiment. There are craven bastards in the Ministry of Defence, the real barrack room lawyers, and it is they who ought to be rooted out.

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