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Monday 8 October 2012

Future of the Abrahamic Churches.

There has been a delay in announcing the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Those who are tasked with creating a shortlist to submit to Downing Street have been unable to agree with much speculation that opinions are divided about the future role of the Church and its world-wide canon. Where is God when you want him?
This comes at a time when we learn that the Pope's butler stole secret papers that he maintains embarrassed his beloved Church. I'm sure that hidden in the Vatican's vaults are papers secreted away because their contents threaten the very existence of the Church, proving that rather than having been built on the Rock of Peter the Roman Catholic Church is in fact built on shifting sands. In the last one hundred years, the present nuclear age, I believe that better education, particularly in the sciences, has brought a change in people's perception of the Christian Churches as manifest in the decline of traditional congregations. People are increasingly sceptical of the Transubstantiation and Resurrection although adherents of more evangelical movements have grown, to my mind reflecting a movement away from traditional feelings of faith towards a mood that better reflects an understanding of mankind's own innate spirituality. Love and altruism can be found in peoples without invoking a Creator or living God.
I can see a time, maybe a couple of hundred years from now, when the Abrahamic Churches, as we know them, will be no more. Because the peoples who follow Islam are not so scientifically aware it may be five hundred years before they finally see the light. By then the oil will have run out and I doubt very much that the Prophet will be able to help those countries which currently rely on it for income and two thousand years after its inception, Muslims will still not know whether it is better to follow the Sunni tradition or the shi'ite.

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