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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Responsibility in Office

The recent tragic ferry accident in Hong Kong seems to have been avoidable if the crew had kept better surveillence. Many people died because the crew became complacent doing what they have done many times. The became familiar with the routines and in this familiarity perhaps lost sight of the essential duty they owed their passengers.
We have, in the last couple of years, heard of pilots turned away from the flight decks of passenger aircraft smelling of drink. They have flown dozens if not hundreds of planes in the past and assume that no matter what, they can safely deliver, 300, 400, 600 people to their destinations in a blatant disregard of their passenger's rights.
This contempt of duty caused by familiarity with a position can be seen in politics and the BBC. It has come to public knowledge that very high paid BBC executives are routinely running huge expense accounts at the License payer's expense. They have become familiar with spending this money when they could easily spend part of their overblown salaries to stay at less expensive hotels, host their own farewell parties and travel non first class.
The Parliamentary expenses scandal was I'm sure only the tip of the iceberg. The thieving bastards, because that's what they are, are so brazen they pay their penance and then are returned to Office as if nothing has happened. Cameron and others say they served their time but it's not good enough. If you steal from the public purse you should never be allowed to serve in public office. I remember, a politician, Mr. Profumo, resigning from office for a misdemeanour and spending the rest of his life doing charity work. What chance of any of the present bunch of chancers, out for what they can get at the public expense, falling on their swords. They've all become comfortable in their world of sleeze and half truths; cosying up to the lobby and wilfully wasting public money. Today comes news that Mr. Branson has won his case over the West Coast Line. This cock-up is reputed to have cost the taxpayers £40 million. Who will resign or be sacked for this colossal blunder and has someone in public service sold his soul to Branson's enemies?
I don't expect any answers soon.

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