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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Rape as a war crime!

World leaders are debating the use of sexual abuse in subjugating the vanquished.

A strange question to a conundrum that on the face of it is absurd but nevertheless points to the reality that without war, the Human Race might have suffered from crippling interbreeding and possible eradication.
There is some evidence for the process in stone age Human behaviour. The capture of women from one tribe for the express purpose on introducing new blood goes on today. I believe that some primitive tribes in Papua New Guinea, for instance, hold raids into neighbouring but independent valleys expressly for this purpose. Putting aside the question of how these people knew about the problems of interbreeding, it is not such a huge leap to suggest that war always results in the widening of the gene pool. The exploits of Genghis Khan, bedding thousands of conquered Asian woman has resulted in 10% of the population from that part of the world has his genes. Is war therefore essential for the well being of the race?
The sad reality, however, is that this process, so devastating for many vulnerable young women and children continues to this day in battlefields across the globe. It is beyond comprehension that the trauma faced by the vanquished in battle, The men slaughtered, the women raped and the children left to fend for themselves in the bleak realisation of 'winner takes all', is essential for cross breeding and the survival of the species. But, it may be true; it may have been the case in the past.
What was the alternative? Nations could agree to exchange women (or men) but who would volunteer to leave their community and family for the unknown. We already know that many Indian women resent being forced into marriages with men they don't know, let alone from a different culture. It would never happen voluntarily and therefore, war seems the only way. It is brutal but effective AND, surprisingly, it seems to be a perfectly natural process sparked by mankinds inability to live in harmony; a necessary function derived from the laws that govern the survival of the fittest; the requirement for food, potable water and shelter.

Today with widespread international travel the problem is to some extent neutralised but rape as a weapon of war continues.

This question ultimately holds an important pointer to the ultimate Truth. Does it holds the key to providing the answer to the question: is there a God or is EVERYTHING due to Nature and the laws of physics? Is or was war necessary for the survival of the Human Race? If the answer is yes, then it points to there being NO God. How could it be anything else when all the Abrahamic religions worship a loving, merciful God; surely incapable of such brutality.

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