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Sunday 16 June 2013

The Open Championship-the future.

This years British 'Open' Golf Championship, often referred to as 'The Open', will take place at Muirfield, near Edinborough. If Scotland secedes from the United Kingdom, what will happen to a tournament recognised throughout the world as one of the four classic golf  events. Since the game is administered by the Royal and Ancient from St. Andrews in Scotland, the Institution will, presumably, remain Scottish, but will the tournament retain its unique status. What of the other Associations? Will the English, Welsh and Northern Irish, unhappy that the revenue stream stops at the Scottish border, run a joint British or UK 'Open' in competition? Hoylake and Royal St George Golf Clubs would also be unhappy to lose their place in the rota of venues and I can see big money pouring into an alternative tournament, reducing the status of the northern event to no more than a 'Scottish' Open.
The issue of an independent Scotland effects many facets of life that are not immediately apparent and I suggest that the more the Scots realize how isolated they would become, the more I believe they will vote 'NO' to leave.

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