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Monday 5 August 2013

Emergency housing

At the end of the Second World War, Churchill made plans for the building of half a million prefabricated buildings to house the mainly Londoners, who had lost their homes due to bombing. The buildings had an expected service life of ten years, after which it was hoped that more substantial housing would be available. Just over a fifth of this total were eventually built due to several reasons such as reduced workforce killed on the battlefields and cost of raw materials.
The UK again has a housing shortage problem, I suspect due to the inflated immigration policy of the last, Socialist Government. However, could not the same policy be implemented now? Could we not construct inexpensive one and two bedroom prefabricated buildings on Government owned land for temporary use, say ten years, at affordable rentals? They should be British built and assembled, adhere to SENSIBLE standards and not be built on a flood plain. Each should have a small garden. I suggest this is a plan more acceptable to the general public than the provision of space for travellers and the conversion of small garden sheds in Slough to house entire families for profit.
At the end of ten years, if a problem still exists, the prefabs could be renovated or the site simply closed down. In place of the UK's international aid programme, re-usable homes could then be shipped to needy regions of the world to house, for instance, refugees.

One further thought on this. If a new London airport is built on reclaimed land in the Thames estuary, the plan might include the provision for such housing as I've suggested above.

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