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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Two things to cheer

Two things to cheer about this week. The first concerns the UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, and his reference to Bongo Bongo land. The media including the usual suspects were on to him straight away, exposing him as the type of racist the Prime Minister once accused the party of harbouring. Having offered to apologise to the country of Bongo Bongo Land, Mr. Bloom might now perceive that he has won the backing of millions of Brits who sympathise wholeheartedly with his view and shaming those sections that have sought to scandalise the situation. Although the UKIP bosses have told him to soften his words they will be inwardly thrilled with how its turned out.

The other concerns the curbing of prosecuting barristers who take the adversorial pracice to such extremes that justice can never be served. The legal service needs to remember that. They have lost sight that Justice for the victims is the most important consideration, not winning a debate by threatening innocent witnesses and subjecting them to reruns of their own personal hells. Something stinks in the legal profession and it needs to be sorted.

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