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Saturday 10 August 2013

'Evil Dead'

I've just seen a trailer on TV for a new film called 'Evil Dead', advertised as the next best horror film. It looked awful.
Hollywood is reported as splitting up novels to make more than one 'movie' because they don't know what the future holds as audiences are dwindling. Perhaps the two events are not unconnected. Are the cinema going public not sick to the back teeth of violence and want to watch films that leave them feeling good not drained with unrelenting immorality and criminality?
They might also want to watch films that DO NOT star the usual American suspects, Clooney, Pitt and Penn, I think his name is. They might also want to watch films that DON'T portray the US as the sole winners of WW2 and inventors of all science. Surely its only a matter of time before a seventeen century American discovers gravity and calculates the orbits of the planets before Newton.
I can remember, years ago, watching a Hollywood blockbuster about ancient Rome. Nothing could hide the disappointment I felt on hearing the strong American accent of the lead actor. It completely ruined the film. Since then I refuse to watch US made films.
Back to the future! Bring back nice films free from images of killing and overt sexuality. Make films that entertain without shocking. If you can't make such films get out of the industry and leave it to somebody who can.

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