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Friday 9 August 2013

Spineless English batting

Michael Atherton posed the question of England's batting on day one of the fourth test at Chester-le-Street. 'Was it arrogance or complacency?' he asked, as, not for the first time, England put on a poor batting display. It was neither; the word Athers was looking for was spineless. The tone was set by the skipper Cook who opened with the blameless Root; he should never be opening. 35 runs in the first 20 overs tells you something of Cook's reluctance to take the bowlers on. Total subjugation to a mediocre attack was a disgrace. can you see the Aussies batting at two runs an over having first go on the wicket? Never! The last test showed that the English haven't moved on from Steele and Boycott. Cook shouldn't wait for the umpire; he should walk.

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