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Tuesday 29 October 2013

British justice in the dock

A judge, John Saunders, has warned the jury in the News of the World 'phone-hacking' trial that British Justice is also in the dock.He's not kidding and it isn't only this trial that proves that UK justice is anything but.
Haringey council has agreed to pay a former employee £600,000 for failure. She was sacked after the council failed to protect a child, so called baby 'P', despite widespread evidence that he was being abused. However on appeal a judge ruled that she was unfairly sacked. Presumably, since her failure was well established, the appeal succeeeded on a technicality. So despite her 'guilt' she walks away with over half a million whilst the child is irrevocably dead. Mind you, large as this settlement is, I bet it doesn't amount to as much as the amount earned by the lawyers and barristers in the case. How is it possible that the guilty can be so rewarded? It can only be in the UK where the judges take stupidity to a new higher level.
Back at the Old Bailey, eight defendants face trial and all eight have pleaded not guilty. I imagine they have all been granted legal aid. That means eight legal teams costing say £10,000 a day for the six months the court is expected to sit; all paid for by the taxpayer. Why have these people been allowed to plead 'Not Guilty'? Either they did it or they didn't. If the proof is there they should be sent down now or if there is no proof they should be released. The public isn't going to be menaced or mugged by these people and they certainly don't want to fork out millions defending people whose only crime is disrupting the confidence of celebrities and politicians.
The only winners will again be the legal profession, the lawyers and barristers who are taking the generous British taxpayers for another ride. Something stinks in the british justice woodpile.

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