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Saturday 26 October 2013

Grangemouth common sense

There has been an outbreak of common sense in Grangemouth, scene of an industrial dispute between refinery owners, INEOS, and the UNITE union.
It seems that following fresh negotiations, the Company have reversed their threat to close part of the plant and the Unite union has promised, amongst other measures, to abandon strikes.
I have long wondered (see here) why it was okay for workers to legally withold their labour (strike) but not okay for Companies to withold their employment. Now INEOS have demonstrated just this move in calling Unite's bluff. This is not the first time that this union has threatened both local and national interests with their absurd posturing. (see here)
For too long the union fat cats have pursued their ideological ambition on the backs of ordinary workers, threatening to bring essential industries AND public services to their knees. The Government should invoke the spirit of Mrs Thatcher and curb the working practices of the worst offenders which includes Unite.

PS. It's worth repeating here, whilst the UK is facing a huge Energy problem, that John Prescott, the former deputy leader of the Labour Party, as good as admitted that the Labour Party had run down the Nation's Nuclear Energy industry at the behest of the National Union of Mineworkers, thereby overturning years of experience in the field. Is it any wonder that we now have to import this technology?

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