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Sunday 20 October 2013

A thought on the Royal Mail flotation

Just a thought.
That Royal Mail shares were undersold to mostly financial institutions in the City and beyond is surely beyond dispute despite Government claims to the contrary. Call me a cynic but is it possible that the Tories might benefit from some sort of commission on profits made from the sale of these shares? Has a covert deal been done? The money generated, and it may be a significant amount, would come in handy to fight a General election just eighteen months away?
Let's face it, there are few ways the Government can help the financial sector during a recession, particularly so when the Banks are public enemy number one, and what better way than a 'rigged' flotation. No doubt any such money would be moved through anonymous accounts and any wrongdoing hard to prove but the point is this: why is it we distrust politicians these days to the extent we imagine this sort of thing is going on?

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