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Monday 7 October 2013

The politics of Ralph Miliband

The dispute between Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail over the Labour leader's father's politics has been entertaining. It has been easy to write off the Marxist views of the old Belgian, less easy to forgive his stand on the Falklands War and his dislike of british institutions like the monarchy.  It makes you wonder why, if he didn't like britain why didn't he hop on a Russian ship as the Nazis advanced? But I wonder if all he said on  on the British Capitalist system was all that crazy.
In particular I believe that he was correct to draw attention to the threat posed by mega companies and Banks to the State and the well being of its citizens. Today some Banks and companies turnover more cash than the GDP of some countries. They are the product of an unregulated Capitalist market economy gone mad and it seems to me that nobody or State can halt the progress of these Giants. I believe that it may be too late to curb their excessive influence on greedy politicians throughout the world. This should be a lesson that the old Market Economy is flawed and governments around the world should make changes because when these Companies become a global monopoly, make no mistake, they will be in charge and the major politicians of the day will be in the boardroom.

One more thing about the Milibands. I have previously commented that Baroness Warsi should not be admitted to the House of Lords because her parents were immigrants and there ought to be a two generation qualification for these honours. see:-

I fear the same should be said about the Milibands. It is my contention that the law should be changed to disqualify them from standing as MPs.

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