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Friday 8 November 2013

Anna Soubry

The Conservative Defence Minister, Anna Soubry, last night demonstrated how out of touch the Government is on issues of concern to the public. Her attack on UKIP leader, Nigel Farage's reasonable assertion that the UK needed a policy of 'managed' immigration was met with a vitriolic outburst that was only matched by an unknown woman in the audience. So insistent was her rant, accusing the MEP of scaremongering, one was left feeling that she must be either: married to an East European, had a personal dispute with Farage or she was a Labour plant. Perhaps all three!
Does it not occur to the main parties that an attack on Farage is also an attack on the only politician who is listening to the people; giving them some hope of a break from the lying, thieving self-serving politicians that fill Westminster today. They will all suffer and no more so than Anna Soubry who accuses Farage of promoting prejudice whilst she is part of a ministry that is actively running down the Country's defence capability. The people of her constituency, Broxtowe, in Nottinghamshire know, I'm sure, their duty. Vote UKIP.

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