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Saturday 9 November 2013

War crimes

A retired former officer, Major-General Thompson, has appealed to the court for leniency in the case of the Royal Marine found guilty of murdering a wounded enemy terrorist in Afghanistan. He, unlike the pathetically posturing politicians, understands the pressures of active service. As usual, the almost unique British sense of fair play has given comfort to the enemy who will no doubt see this risible result as a sign of National weakness. It is not the first time that the British have looked stupid by pursuing a sense of moral superiority in public self flagellation.
This is war! Shit happens! This young man should be able to cite extraordinary circumstances in his plea for leniency. For a start, he wasn't in Afghanistan out of personal choice; he'd sooner be with his friends and family in the UK but he was ordered to the hellhole of Afghanistan by politicians, suitably safe behind the front lines, in the so-called defence of the Realm. This at a time when seven of his colleagues had been cut down by a cowardly enemy that hides behind women and children and another soldier had been shot and killed by a rogue policeman that he'd just instructed in the use of firearms. Only seconds before, the smiling soldier had been photographed next to his murderous pupil.
What are the politicians doing about it? Giving succour to those who are trying to keep the country safe? Not a bit of it if you listen to Labour's Hazel Blears cross-examining the leaders of the British spy services. Her main concern seemed to be that despite huge provocation and casualties amongst hard pressed British forces, she was worried that we were using torture in pursuit of victory over our enemies. I ask you! Let me tell you Mrs. Blears that I'd rather torture an entire Nation than see a single British soldier harmed and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that. As we celebrate the Day of Remembrance let us give unconditional support to those young men and women that face death each and every day in our defence.

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