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Saturday 16 November 2013

Christianity under threat

Baroness Warsi, the minister of faith in the British coalition Government is to talk on the threat to Christians around the world, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. See:

Christian communities have come under fire from mainly Muslim troublemakers who cannot understand a civil code of tolerance towards other faiths even if they worship the same God of Abraham. Why is this so?

I don't know. I have just read Diarmaid MacCulloch's epic book, 'A History of Christianity'; all eleven hundred pages of it. The overwhelming feeling I have after reading the more than three thousand year saga is the utter futility of religion as a God fearing institution. The constant revisions, the schisms, disagreements, the too many to count reinventions of the liturgy, the thousand and one different offshoots that demonstrate the simple fact that there isn't a simple central message that proclaims the will of God. The Holy texts and I include the Torah and the Qu'ran, because of their ambiguities and errors are simply not credible as inspired works of a supreme omnipotent creator God. Nor, apparently, is His will updated; Muslims do not know, fourteen hundred years after Muhammed whether it is better to follow the Shia or Sunnee practice. Mainstream Christianity in the guise of Roman Catholics, Orthodox or Protestant in its many forms have never formed a consensus nor is there any prospect of a fresh message from God; one that can clearly demonstrate to all the peoples of the world his existence and purpose.

As we despair about the disaster in the Philipines, we recognise that vulnerable people need not only immediate aid and comforting but hope for the future. Not a future beyond the grave but in this life framed, not in terms of an unknowable and unbelievable divinity but in the belief of the basic humanity of mankind.

Not possible you say!

Well, while the holy men are sodomizing youngsters and killing so called heretics, it is man (and woman) that is writing the texts, building the cathedrals, painting the chapel ceilings and scoring the emotional music that brings tears to the eye.
If religions are failing as God fearing organisations, do they have a role to play? Let the Church's prosper but can they please do it without reference to a God. The prophets yes, all of those who espoused love and peace, but God, no.
Good luck to those who run the Sunday Assemblies.

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