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Thursday 21 November 2013

British politics hits an all time low

I think I've reached my personal nadir of political expectation.
News today that the parliamentary standards people can find nothing wrong with Tim Yeo's chairmanship of the energy select committee whilst holding senior positions with several energy companies is matched by the BBC's less than candid investigation into the Savile atrocities and the extraordinary excess payments made to underperforming executives. Couple that with the Prime Minister's programme of pushing through parliament gay marriage legislation whilst stalling with a EU referendum and Labour's less than convincing explanations over the Falkirk elections, their relationship with the increasingly hostile Unite union and their reliance for funds on the Co-Op Bank under the auspices of a known Methodist Church sinner.
One has to conclude that the whole lot are a disgrace, led by a Speaker who is beyond parody.
I have long decided that Democracy is a flawed political system because it gives the people  the chance to vote for their own interest rather than that of the country. Witness the polls today that show that 30% of the electorate want to re-elect a party that brought the Country to its knees with economic malfeasance. That is treachery!
However, if we must continue with the comedy of elections, there has never been a better time for a new party to enter the fray. A party that doesn't bring to the hustings baggage from the past. We also need better regulation of the regulators; people who are not afraid to confront the establishment. The government of the day have in the past thirty years filled the civil service with their own people and this practice must stop; NOW. This concept of the Government using press officers for 'getting its message across' has to be challenged; as is the employment of special advisers paid with taxpayers money. The electorate are mostly stupid but ought to be given the credit for making their own decisions without spin.
My message is in danger of becoming befuddled because of my apoplexic condition brought on by the cluster-f..k of stupidity emanating from Westminster. Even the newspapers, worried by legal threats are reluctant to expose the arrogant shits that govern the UK and the incompetent oafs that make up the official opposition. All I can say is thank goodness for Guido Fawkes!!

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