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Monday 25 November 2013

RBS cheats

News is emerging of bad practice at RBS bank. Taking advantage of the economic decline, it is alleged that they forced viable companies into liquidation in order to pick up property at rock bottom prices thereby making huge profits. I know of one such Company and it is privately taking RBS to court. This is not an isolated incident and as 80% owners, the public are likely to suffer as a consequence of this Bank's unacceptable behaviour. The ramifications have been wide reaching, not only for the mostly small Companies that have suffered, the personal financial loss of the shareholders, their worry and distress for businesses often started from scratch, but also for some Bank employees, unhappy at following the bank's policy being forced to resign.
Let us hope that in this instance, bankers found to be responsible for malfeasance are JAILED or otherwise disgraced and their assets, including property, confiscated.

I have often written in my blogs how real life often follows fiction in my works. To read of a property scam similar to the above, download from Amazon:  The Green Man at Buddleigh  here

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