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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Scottish Independence

The decision of whether the Scots abandon the United Kingdom to rule themselves and align themselves to be ruled by the unelected EU will be down to the Scots in September next year. A quick look at the political map of the UK will show that virtually all of Scotland votes for Socialism despite the Labour party almost bringing the Nation to its knees with economic malfeasance. On this basis, that the people of Scotland will collectively vote in the national interest, or for that matter, theirs, doesn't seem likely? It seems to me that when it comes to elections they're as looney as the leader of the SNP, AleX Salmond. Keeping the pound; I ask you!
But wait a minute! If the Scots secede won't they lose all the money that the mostly English cough up keeping the less than 5 million population of the frozen northern wastes above the bread line? Well! as the Scots wring their hands with the dilemma, we better get used to the debate because we've got ten wasteful months, not to mention the money, of this fatuous exercise.

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