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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Max Tegmark

A new book by MIT Professor of Physics, Max Tegmark, claims with his Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH), that not only does maths describe the world (a multiverse) that we live in, it is the world we live in.

See the report by Michael Hanlon in the Daily Telegraph:  Here

Tegmark famously explained to fellow scientist, Brian Cox, the relevance of the minus sign when discussing space and time in a television programme. Cox looked bemused by the suggestion but both need to look at my book 'Spiritual man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', to discover the full significance of negative dimensions. Some of what Tegmark has to say in his new book resonates with many of my arguments without really, to my mind, hitting the mark.

For more details of 'Spiritual man: An Introduction to negative Dimensions' go to:  Spiritual Man

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