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Friday 18 April 2014


So the secret's out! The Daily Telegraph's list of the twenty most desirable places to live includes the town of Mojácar on the Costa Almeria. This comes as no surprise to those who live here and for whom this news brings both pleasure and misgiving in equal measure. One is pleased to have affirmation that our choice of settlement and its properties is widely recognized and yet there is the feeling that we might be inundated with voyeurs coming to see what the fuss is about. Of course an influx of visitors is good for the businesses that rely on tourism and one should be grateful that they survive especially through the quieter winter months, but still the fear is that the beauty so esteemed by the visitors will, by their very attraction, destroy that which they come to see.

The town of Mojácar has two parts; the hilltop, white housed, narrow streeted community and the playa, seven kilometres of good beaches, served by many good chiringuitos and restaurants overlooking the Med. In the lee of the Sierra Nevadas, Mojácar enjoys a microclimate that delivers mild winters and very warm summers with low annual rainfall.

Until recently the infrastructure serving this region, reflecting the interest in Europe's only desert, was limited and growth was slow. Now this is changing and although there are still many empty properties in nearby Vera Playa, I can see huge scope for development in this relatively unknown but beautiful corner of Spain.

For more images of Mojácar go to:     Mojacar

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