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Friday 16 May 2014

Is it normal to be 'racist'?

Is 'racism' a normal and natural human trait? These days the  term 'racist' does not suggest a person who celebrates his own ethnicity or nationality but is used derogatorily to suggest someone who has supremacist views that find those of other races or castes to be inferior. Regardless of the definition, the question is: should we welcome into our community people of other races and cultures?
In a 'global' world, criss-crossed with human interactions on several levels; trade, entertainment, education, it is difficult to determine mankind's basic intuition, compromised as it is by personal ambition, profit and greed. To establish the real motives of mankind we perhaps have to look at the earliest, most primitive systems of humanity. We have to look at stone age man, his fears and prejudices, to see what were the priorities of his life and how he found solutions. We must then see how relevant it is to today's environment.
Simply put, stone age man's priorities were fresh water, food, shelter, defence and procreation. Leaving aside procreation, Once a community or tribe had established the first three criterion, they needed the fourth, defence, to keep their assets free from predatory others. Does this not, from the outset, suggest that man's attitude to those of different communities is necessarily one of distrust? I might go further and suggest that mistrust of other peoples was not only inherent in the human condition it was vital for the success of a community. It is nothing less than a demonstration of Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory made manifest in human behaviour even today. We are conditioned to take comfort first amongst our families, then our community and Country. What is so wrong about that? Immigrants to any Country, for instance, choose to settle amongst their own.
Looking at Britain today it is seemingly run by a political elite who have the means to indulge their cosmopolitan irrationality whilst subjecting their people to the reality of a life on the streets at odds with their vote catching ideology. The real British people are those we see at Carterton and Royal Woottan Basset, decent and fair men and women, receiving home the Nation's sons and daughters, fallen on far off battlefields, not the street gangs of Brixton or the Muslim quarters that houses a system of belief that despises the British way of life whilst simultaneously accepting British hospitality.
When politicians voice their concern about immigration into the United Kingdom, the main Parties, anxious for votes, pooh pooh any suggestion that it is likely to cause problems. Enoch Powell was famously ridiculed for his 'rivers of blood' prediction but still today tensions are mounting. The prime Minister says over and over again that the Country welcomes high achievers from elsewhere whilst dishing out taxpayers money to needy countries but why not instead keep our money and repatriate the very people these countries need to boost their economies?
The ruling elite, instead of courting votes and denying the British people their right to exercise their natural instincts, should listen to their fears and act before it really is too late. Trapped and frightened people become desperate people.

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