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Saturday 24 May 2014

Does God bear grudges?

The police are investigating Attleborough Baptist Church in Norfolk for an apparent 'hate' crime by displaying this poster.

There had been just one complaint.

The poster's message is typical of the crude blackmail that since earliest times has characterised the priestly class's ambition to control mankind. By suggesting to an unenlightened congregation that, despite there being no real proof, hell and damnation awaited non-believers, they hoped to coerce them into obedience. It's nothing less than emotional blackmail; if you don't believe you're for it! Get in line. Is the Church immune from charges of blackmail?

I believe it was French philosopher/mathematician Pascal who owned up to believing in God because there was no downside. If there is a God then you win and if there isn't you still win because you've lost nothing.
But is it really necessary to take this position? Surely, if there truly is a benevolent God (of mercy) he will know on the Day of Judgement that your honestly held views were based on the evidence you were presented with in life and found to be inadequate. If God doesn't hold grudges and had truly meant everyone to believe, he would surely present irrefutable evidence of his Existence and Will. The alternative, of course, is to believe that the priestly classes are up to their old tricks of sophistry and blackmail and more people should complain.

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