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Saturday 31 May 2014

Personal Statement: Mr Charles Fanshawe

Mr Speaker: Ordure, ordure. Personal statement, Mr Charles Fanshawe

Fanshawe (Conservative, Bustington): For many years, prime Minister, I have loyally taken the Conservative whip and been proud to have served my Country in your government.
However your total failure to address the problems of immigration and your continued support of foreign peoples with financial aid while your own suffer austerity begs the question as to where your true interest lies. You always claim that immigration has been good for the Country but isn't it the reality that the Romans, Normans and Vikings came to this Country not as immigrants but as conquerers. There is a difference, you know. Can you explain to your constituents and mine why the people of this Country have to fork out for Somalians with whom we have no historical or cultural ties and who, by and large, accept our hospitality whilst despising our nationality?
Following the election you promised to roll up your sleeves and work jolly hard to respond

to the electorate's fears. You then announced an extra 19 days off for MPs citing no work

despite renaging on a promise to hold a referendum on our continued membership of the EU and to debate again the question of Hunting. Our Country is still suffering from the stupidity of the Court of Human Rights and its associated 'ambulance chasing' culture
It's no good claiming coalition terms for your failures; the people, as shown in the elections, have seen through the Lib Dems and highlighted their irrelevance but you have consistently failed to live up to your values. You have consistently betrayed the trust invested in you, failing to appreciate the problems of the ordinary hard working people of this sceptred isle and for this reason you can no longer count on my support. From henceforth I shall be joining those politicians who have worked for a living, who truly understand the people, listen to their fears and ambitions and act with no thought to their self interests. I shall be taking the UKIP whip.

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