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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Misappliance of Economic Science

Factions fighting for Scottish Independence claim families will be £1500 better off after secession whilst opponents claim the exact opposite. Christine Lagarde the leader of the International Monetary Fund asked last week if she needed to bend her knees to beg forgiveness after her people underestimated the strength of the UK's economy. How can so called economists get it so wrong?
Why I mention these points is to underline how vague is the science of economics. Nobody associated with economics really has a clue; but why? Surely it can't be so difficult to understand that we work to earn money which we use to buy goods and services. But mankind has contrived to complicate matters so that we have such factors as market or socialist economies, supply and demand, qualitative easing, Keynesianism and much more. One can't help but wonder if this obfuscation of what should be a fairly simple process is, in fact, designed to defraud the masses of their rightful property. I don't know how much Lagarde earns at the IMF but I very much doubt that she pockets less than a miner,say. I know who I value more.

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