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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bishop of Leeds

The Bishop of Leeds has written to the Prime Minister asking for more help for beleaguered Christians in Iraq. Clearly his earlier appeal for British Christians to pray for their  brethran's salvation has failed which begs the question of why, having appealed to the highest authority he now turns to a decidedly earthly office for help.
Has he thought that the Islamic state's persecution of Christians may, after all, be God's Will and his request might put the PM at risk of heresy by complying.
As for the PM, what does he not understand about the meaning of Islam, translated as 'Total subjugation to God'. There are no half measures. Harvesting votes in an imminent election by appeasement is immoral. Back sliding or apostacy is punishable with death. There has been little support for the cessation of killing from the other Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, possibly because, if they are honest with themselves, they are heartened by the slaughter of Christians. The only way to halt the spread of this terror is proscription and why not? No one expects anything other than the total eradication of another horror, ebola. Half measures will not do. This is the 21st century; how can people still believe in supernatural Gods? It is literally beyond belief; get rid of all the Abrahamic religions for a safer world. They are not the only source of evil but they are they main causes. Replace them with Churches based, not on the supernatural but on humanity and which subscribe to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Rather than write to the Prime Minister, the Bishop of Leeds might have made more impact by admitting that he now no longer believes in a God, merciful or not, and retiring to do penance for all the lies he's told and false hopes he's raised in his ministry.

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