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Friday 22 August 2014

Tony Martin

I read a sad tale concerning the farmer Tony Martin who was jailed for causing the death of an intruder to his remote farmhouse. Apparently, as a consequence of his traumatic experience at the hands of the criminal justice system, he no longer wishes to return to his home, often sleeping in his car. He went to bed one night with no other idea than sleep whilst an intruder with complete free will, entered his house intent on committing a felony. Martin's innocent sleep became a nightmare when he, the victim of crime, was arrested for doing what the Police were obviously not; protecting the public.
As usual with British so called justice the victim's interests were ignored. Law prevailed in a demonstration of the inadequacy of the criminal justice system to serve the legitimate needs of the law abiding public. Martin should never have faced trial; the Police, the Crown prosecutors, the Judge should hang their heads in SHAME.

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