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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Rapists and Jihadists

It is difficult when listening to the news to accept the mantra that immigration is good for the UK. Tell that to the 1400 young people of Rotherham sexually abused by gangs of Pakistani men. In fact the result of this policy, encouraged by the Labour party to bolster votes, has delivered an army of  rapists and jihadists to the areas of South Yorkshire and Lancashire. Somebody needs to confront the PC brigade and sort this out. The CEO of Barnados, Javed Khan, a man not free from controversy himself, was brought in to advise the Council but on Sky News, when interviewed by an increasingly crosser Eamonn Holmes, he failed to give reassurance that he could tackle the core problem. As a man with an interest in Pakistan he must understand that the underlying disparity in ideology and culture is stifling integration.
He might ask the Pakistani Community this: If you voluntarily leave a country where your God and culture failed you, WHY would you come to a more successful Country and by throwing the UK's hospitality back in their faces, continue with your old and discredited values? Who is telling these young men to disrespect vulnerable white girls so badly and to barbarically kill for a Caliphate that does not, in reality, exist.
The Country needs to take hard decisions; decisions that cast a deaf ear to Political Correctness and the European Court of Human Rights and respects the interests of the British people (Including those of Pakistani descent who adopt the British way of life).

I realise that some immigrants may indeed want to adopt British values and customs but fear retribution from their own community under the laws governing apostasy. Such people may need help and protection. Education will help but I fear more needs to be done to reassure the vulnerable that help is at hand. Who can lead?

The Country needs a leader; Cameron isn't good enough.

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