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Thursday 28 August 2014

Saun Wright

South Yorkshire Police Commissioner, Saun Wright, has refused to resign his post after being revealed as the Rotherham Child Councillor when 1400 youngsters, mostly girls, were abused by Pakistani men. Apparently he accepts COLLECTIVE responsibility but fails to see that as titular head of the department (and presumably trousered the pay) he ought to take the blame for any neglect of duty. It seems that only the public can force him out at an election; so what can be done?
He should therefore be marginalised. Meetings with him must be cancelled. Invitations to attend charity functions, turn on lights, attend premiers should be rescinded. Tickets for sporting and cultural events should be cancelled, as should invites to the Chief Constables Association golf tournament, no doubt held IN PUBLIC TIME AT TAX PAYERS EXPENSE. In other words make his position untenable.

I notice that he claims to have spent the last twenty years of his life devoting himself to the service of the people of South Yorkshire. Is this a euphemism for pocketing lots of money for doing very little with the expectation of a very generous pension when he's done with his devotions? I suspect it is but what else has he done? Has he or other Council leaders ever done a proper job; one in the real world of earning a living in the competitive environment of everyday trading?

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