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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Revealed truth

I have been reading Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov'; this hard on the heels of reading Christopher Hitchins' book, 'God is not Great'. The latter quotes the former in questioning the veracity of the very first verses of Genesis; in particular the question  of the first light. According to Genesis God said, 'let there be light' in day one but it wasn't until day four that God created light to seperate the day from night; specifically stars. How so?
It is taken as evidence that the Bible cannot be relied on to provide the truth, only confusion and ambiguity but I'm not clear that Hitchins found anything of use in the texts whereas I do, and furthermore I believe the example given above is further endorsement of my arguments for a dual universe.
When one reads the creation story in Genesis there are some details but disappointingly few. To my mind this is consistent with a narrative given by a knowledgeable entity to an illiterate race. The writers of Genesis (Moses?) used what they had been told by their forebears and remembered the formation of the oceans, the arrival of flora and fauna albeit in a very doubtful timescale etc. but it is the light that interests me here. Could it be that the verses dealing with day four are referring specifically to earth, whilst the very first light described in the day one passage is the ignition of the very first star in the universe. It would have been a dramatic moment, worthy of comment. However, there is no reference to a cataclysmic explosion describing the 'Big Bang' which convinces me that it never happened. What did the author of Genesis understand? It is quite clear- no ambiguity here although stated with shamanistic spin- God created heaven and earth. If this isn't a pointer to a dual universe I don't know what is.

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