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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Scottish referendum

As Her Majesty, the Queen and numerous foreign correspondents despair over the Scottish referendum and the reasons for it, the debates intensify.
Are Scottish Nationalists, Salmond and Sturgeon- don't they sound like the contents of a fisherman's smelly creel- guilty of stoking up the emotions that lead to civil wars with family and friend breakups lasting generations. Their shameless manipulation of the framework for the referendum which gives the vote to recently immigrant Poles and children whilst rejecting generation old Scottish families currently domiciled in the rest of the UK, has been loaded in their favour but still they face a 'NO' vote. Consequently, their rhetoric that defies reason but calls on some age-old allegiance to ultimately unsuccessful patriots is not carrying the day despite their increasingly frantic appeal to some notional Scottish Nationalism.
And for what? The Scots consistently vote for the Socialists and object to the Democratic will of the whole when the Tories are voted into power. The Scottish nationalists are determined that if the Lemmings want Socialism they should have it despite the evidence that each time the Lemmings are in power they run over the cliff, each time bringing the UK close to economic collapse.
The polls show that the vote will be very close; the WORST possible result because it will foment future tensions. Whichever way the vote goes, despite previous affirmations that the result will be respected, the losers will demand re-runs amidst accusations and recriminations when the barely five million inhabitants, out of a Country of sixty-five million, feel aggrieved.
All this expense, all this tension, all the future pressures will be the result of Salmond's selfish ambition. All broken families and severed friendships should be laid at his door whilst the rest of the UK will pay the growing costs of yet more devolution by way of appeasement. I'm not sure we should be tolerant of this man with his divisive politics any longer. Make him Laird of Gruinard.

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