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Monday 17 November 2014

Scottish nationalism

The Scottish Nationalists have held their Autumn conference excited in the knowledge that they have dramatically increased their membership since the referendum on Scottish independence. Their new President, Nicola Sturgeon, was duly annointed and immediately told the gathering that she favoured an early exit from the auld alliance. I'm beginning to tire of this continual rhetoric and wish they'd just get on with it; all five million of them, half the population of Essex. their outrageous demands, out of keeping with their numbers puts me in mind of dogs and wagging tails.
What I don't want is for them to cap in hand and asked to be bailed out by the English when the oil and gas has run out, their half a million workers are fed up supporting four million pensioners and other non-productives in an extravagant and bloated public sector dominated economy. All the good people, the movers and shakers will have long gone and all that will be left will be the trade union supporting lefties and their apologists, ruling over a bankrupt Country best known for its blood sucking midges.
The Scottish people used to vote Labour without thinking; their fathers voted Labour, as did their grandfathers. It didn't matter that after each Labour Government the Country was worse off with the poorest suffering most. They talk of Mrs. Thatcher as if she were Pol Pot with such vehement loathing you'd have thought her drive to make the Country more efficient, to stop people referring to the UK as the poor man of Europe, was a personal affront to the Jocks and Jockesses.
If they're so determined to go, let them GO. Allow the islands to become a self- governing British Crown dependency like the Isle of Man if they so wish and cast off the rest to make their own way under the new SNP banner. They won't be happy until they do.

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