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Saturday 22 November 2014

British justice again embarrasses

Mrs Zoe Edwards has been found guilty of assault after chasing, in her pyjamas, a gang of youths who had thrown eggs at her conservatory.

Again British justice has been shown up to be an embarrassment and the people in charge to be overpaid and pompous twits. The poor lady would rather have been left alone. She had no free will over the conservatory being spoiled but the gang of youths did. She clearly values a world where people behave and treat others with respect but Judge Mark Hadfield, clearly prefers anarchy. He chose, instead of congratulating her on her public spirited endeavours, to give her a criminal record, thereby abandoning any pretence to be a purveyor of justice. He clearly prefers to live in a society where the innocent are punished and the feckless and criminal go free. He should have summarily dismissed the charges and soundly berated the CPS and police for bringing the case to court. What a travesty of justice and waste of public money!
Mrs  Edwards, you are a hero and Judge Hadfield, you are a disgrace and not fit for purpose.

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