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Friday 5 December 2014

Imperial College: seat of learning or church of Mammon

A cancer research professor has taken his own life under pressure from his top university, Imperial College, to find more funding or face the sack.
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Yesterday a spokesman for Imperial College London disputed Prof Grimm's claim he had been threatened with the sack, and said the matter had been at an informal stage, adding: 'His line manager met with him on a number of occasions to see how the College could help him to develop more competitive grant applications.

Here we have it; Professor Grimm had a 'line manager' and the threats of dismissal were 'informal'. It's all we need to know about the state of further science today. It's no more than a grubby business, more concerned with money and making money than pushing ing back the boundaries of knowledge. Did Newton, Faraday or Einstein face such questions? I very much doubt it, not least because it is next to impossible to be objective about science when obliged to produce results, often in a limited time-scale. Real science is not about that and one can't help but feel that this seat of learning  has sold its soul with Fleming spinning in his grave

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