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Saturday 18 April 2015

Dystopia beckons

One can't help but feel that the world is on the verge of a disaster.

10,000 migrants have been rescued by the Italian navy from the Mediterranean in one week as they flee desperate poverty and religious conflict in African.  At the other end of the Continent, refugees to South Africa have found themselves increasingly unwelcome and violence has broken out as resentment grows. As hundreds of thousands continue to flee from north and central Africa and the harsh Islamic regimes towards Europe and South Africa, one can envisage the sheer numbers overwhelming countries unprepared  to receive them. You can't blame them.

The United States are too far away to feel the impact of this mass migration but Europe must be the main destination and therefore must meet the challenge. The problems facing the West are numerous; the migrants are likely to need medical attention and basic humanitarian aid. They will also bring them the baggage of their culture and religion, often offensive to many in the West. They will need to be accommodated in the short and long terms. Camps will do for a few months but any longer will lead to more unrest and an onset of inter-tribal and inter-religious violence such as is seen in Calais.

Action needs to be taken now in anticipating the problem; even today Muslims in Cardiff are littering lamp posts with anti-democratic posters saying that only Islam has the answers. What part of the Islamic message don't the politicos get? Islam suffers no opposition; it takes first place in ALL aspects of life.  There will be some, so-called British, Muslims who have applauded the slaughtering of thousands of Christians in the Middle-East by the followers of Islamic group, IS. They will have celebrated the throwing overboard of 10 Christians by Muslims from a boat heading for Italy.

The UK parties with the exception of UKIP vie to appease the immigrant electorate, offending the indigenous population at the same time, with their conciliatory offers. The UK must put immigration outside of the Party system and the Government form an all-party department to tackle the issue and they must do it immediately and honestly before the torrent of immigrants becomes a deluge.
Above all they must remember, they are where they are to protect the people of the British Isles and Northern Island, their values and cultures; nobody else.

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